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by Healsole on Sep 16, 2013 at 10:49 PM
We are a PVP Guild That Does Premade BGs, Arena, Rated BGs, World PVP And Guild Events.

Looking for members with ilvl 450+ for Mists of Pandaria and 4k+ Resil for Cataclysm - Molten-Wow Neltharion

We need people who can work as a team and be able to follow instruction.
Mumble is a Requirement for Offensive, you need to be active on it, where ever possible.

You should enjoy the game as a whole (jaded veterans are welcome, though), and plan to continue playing for some time to come. You should also be a good social fit. If you're an active member of these forums, that's a good start.

Racism/Discriminatory Behavior: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle, religion/blaspheme or skin color. Even if you are just "joking" it isn't allowed. Slangs such as the n-word aren't allowed either, even in Guild chat. Don't blame guildies for reporting you. It's wrong and you should know that.

This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offenses) will be reported to Server GM's and you will be banned from Offensive. Do not bother to appeal over a ban. We do not forgive it, doesn't matter if you love the Server or whatever excuses you may have for it.
  Healsole: does Exe ever make sense?
  glowsham: and the point is of that?
  Executy: im Leaving Guild untill im lvl 90
  Breki: one does not simply leave PandaWoW. /jk
  Healsole: some people are still on Pandawow
  Executy: Healsole i think you Should Fix now our Main Page "Welcome to Offensive"
  glowsham: Whisper - Midalgan for Guild Invite!
  glowsham: yes we are there
  iere: are we going new server tomorrow
  Tehdrumdude: HAHAHAHA morph XD
  Tehdrumdude: i agree BEEP BEEP BEEP ;D
  Tehdrumdude: clickers backpedal = glow backpedals
  Breki: U were That's why i Said. lol. this one
  glowsham: i wasnt in that premade so fukoff hahaha
  Breki: Glow bro', I even hear the beeping even tough there's no sound, when i see you backpedaling. BEEP BEEP BEEP like the trashcar. XD
  glowsham: why no music artie ^^
  glowsham: flak u i dont packpedal. im just good ^^
  Breki: u're still backpedaling! but I love you bro'.
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