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by Healsole on Sep 16, 2013 at 10:49 PM
We are a PVP Guild That Does Premade BGs, Arena, Rated BGs, World PVP And Guild Events.

Looking for members with 4k Resil. No alts for Privates.

We need people who can work as a team and be able to follow instruction.
Mumble is a Requirement for Offensive, you need to be active on it, where ever possible.

You should enjoy the game as a whole (jaded veterans are welcome, though), and plan to continue playing for some time to come. You should also be a good social fit. If you're an active member of these forums, that's a good start.

Racism/Discriminatory Behavior: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle, religion/blaspheme or skin color. Even if you are just "joking" it isn't allowed. Slangs such as the n-word aren't allowed either, even in Guild chat. Don't blame guildies for reporting you. It's wrong and you should know that.

This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offenses) will be reported to Molten-WoW GM's and you will be banned from Offensive. Do not bother to appeal over a ban. We do not forgive it, doesn't matter if you love the Server or whatever excuses you may have for it.
  Ressed: In frogs we trust!
  glowsham: welcome back in the frogland
  Rhageal: just arrived in holland again cya guys tomorrow ingame, jet lag FTW
  Ressed: Toxic had a problem with this week so it is moved to next week same time.
  Dumah aka Zafkiel: No RBG? Toxic decided not to fight or we don't have enough players?
  Dkanto: and hopfully there will be a few crit vids to put at the end or even if u can screenshoots of critline or recount
  Dkanto: soz guys didnt have enough time to finish the warrior bgs vid will proberly be done by tomorrow nyt
  Abstyle: I'm going to change my hunter's(Crushean) race to orc. Gonna have to leave the guild for an hour.
  Dumah aka Zafkiel: To whom?
  Rhageal: @constantiny send you a PM m8
  Dumah aka Zafkiel: Thread deleted
  Rhageal: - Guide how to setup your shivtr account equil to molten server time is done. Have fun with it
  Dkanto: just random bg
  Healsole: The molten login server is hosted in Dublin, Ireland, have set the site time to that.
  Healsole: Mumble server is up
  Ressed: mumble server is down again, guess we just gotta wait for it to come back up Dx
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