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Healsole / Sep 16, 2013
We are a PVP Guild That Does Premade BGs, Arena, Rated BGs, World PVP And Guild Events.

Looking for members with 4k+ Resil for Cataclysm - Molten-Wow Neltharion

We are now on Stormstout - Molten-Wow

We need people who can work as a team and be able to follow instruction.
Mumble is a Requirement for Offensive, you need to be active on it, where ever possible.

You should enjoy the game as a whole (jaded veterans are welcome, though), and plan to continue playing for some time to come. You should also be a good social fit. If you're an active member of these forums, that's a good start.

Be Aware of our Rules

For information on how the ranking works, please see link
  glowsham: healsole, that ganker is already there for 3-4 days it dosnt mater if u kill him. he will come back everytime when he got killed
  MorpheuZ: not good....things will change when i come healsole
  Healsole: Once again, guildie getting ganked in Hellfire, with no help from the guild after asking 3 times
  Crowleymtone: yo morphhhhh
  kRaddY: i'll be online around 21-22 PM
  Xpawn: blizzard epicness
  Recca: just change the realmlist
  Recca: i just made it..i can use the pandawow client
  glowsham: ah man.. hope u can fix it some days later and come play again with us!
  Recca: somehow i cant make MOP work in my laptop, i always have problem when it comes in update/installation etc..-_- i play only in cata..and im alone going bg /cry
  Executy: raAaAaAam it
  Breki: The bend ova, goat, and "thats what she said" jokes are emblematic for this guild.
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