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by Healsole on Sep 16, 2013 at 11:49 PM
We are a PVP Guild That Does Premade BGs, Arena, Rated BGs, World PVP And Guild Events.

Looking for members with 4k+ Resil for Cataclysm - Molten-Wow Neltharion

We are now on Stormstout - Molten-Wow

We need people who can work as a team and be able to follow instruction.
Mumble is a Requirement for Offensive, you need to be active on it, where ever possible.

You should enjoy the game as a whole (jaded veterans are welcome, though), and plan to continue playing for some time to come. You should also be a good social fit. If you're an active member of these forums, that's a good start.

Be Aware of our Rules

For information on how the ranking works, please see link
  Recca: what's up guys.. im back! and ill be active these coming days
  glowsham: hey akki
  akki: hey guys
  Clap: When i type my login info , it opens a bubble like in retail version and says i have to merge my account with battlenet one
  Clap: It seems i cant connect to Stormstout
  Clap: Any1 there i need help
  Executy: Yes we will.
  Meechie (Deathshand): will we be staying on stormstout when the new server is released?
  Healsole: yeah, i know i live in a thirld world country, Pandawow ms is 190ms
  glowsham: ow wow.. i got 7 MS ( not to make u jelly )
  Healsole: i have between 800ms and 1.4ms almost all the time
  glowsham: lagg is already gone
  Healsole: Whats the point of trying to level on a server with a 2.5sec lag
  Healsole: Then i suggest u join a more pro guild, we obviously not good enough for u anymore
  Executy: Yes... i never make Any fcking sence... But somehow i know 80%-85% of Classes and i know how to play them very well+how to Counter them.
  Hellfrostx: Im looking for my guild on Molten WoW ! ( Hellfrost )
  glowsham: sad to hear that hellfrost u was/are a good player. what i know is u can donate for (10euro) with a paysafecard. can u buy on a shop everywhere in the world and ur country too. maybe thats a choice. if not we had a great time with u ! cheers
  Hellfrostx: yo. im still on the Pandawow. and i dont wanna leave it while on the Molten que'ing time +200mins. 1. I dont have credit card to pay for donate. 2. I never paid for private server, and i wont. 3. see ya later guys while the molten wow full
  glowsham: ding 90!
  Breki: u wot m8
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